Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Rejecting Biblical Masculinity Turns Men Into Predators

How Rejecting Biblical Masculinity Turns Men From Protectors To Predators

Pull Quote: "Men everywhere seem to experience tension between what they themselves define as good men and the way the surrounding culture pressures them to be real men."

When the American Psychological Association (APA) issued its first-ever guidelines for counseling men and boys in 2018, it denounced “traditional masculinity ideology” as “psychologically harmful.” Groups like the APA have injected the phrase “toxic masculinity” into the bloodstream of America’s public discourse. The phrase has become a catchall explanation for male sexism, dominance, aggression, and violence. 

Few people are claiming all masculinity is toxic. Yet the message men often hear is that there is something inherently defective in the male character. Many men today feel ... (Read the rest of this Nancy Pearcey article HERE

Hat Tip: The Federalist