Monday, March 20, 2006

Why do we push our kids?

I enjoy watching my kids enjoy their extracurricular activities. Nothing like seeing one of your own kick a soccer ball into the goal or run a football into the endzone. It's at these moments when my wife and I turn to each other and announce, "Yeah, he's/she's got my athletic ability!" And yet...

And yet it seems so many of us parents take the after school sports thing way too far. I've stood on the sidelines with other dads who race away from the post-game snack to steer their child off to yet another activity. Shouldn't we all place limits or boundaries on how much we allow our kids to involve themselves in... (fill in the blank.)

I know here in Texas, for example, we take cheerleading way too seriously. A story broke in the Dallas area this week that a local school board is going to intervene in the way cheerleaders are chosen.

Dallas Morning News Headline:
Parent furor simmers over cheerleader selection
For the second time in two weeks, Carroll school board members will tackle the increasingly thorny issue of how the high school varsity cheerleading squad should be formed.

Seems some parents were hopping mad when their girls did not make the squad. Does this type of demand reflect our changing culture? As parents shouldn't we be more concerned about how our children are learning to read, write, and do arithmetic? I guess we feel if our kids don't get a head start in sports...activities...clubs...hobbies, whatever, that they will somehow get left behind in adulthood.

Will they?